Our Story

Our combined experience of over 79 years in business, financial, engineering, building and advising we knew that we could bring a unique approach to the Commercial Market.

We began as most humble businesses do, out of pure necessity. No one offered the way we wanted to care, protect and grow our clients; so we did what most do…we started our own shop. Our introductions were in the beginning as teammates on larger transactions, but slowly we developed unique respect for each other’s unique talents. This has been celebrated as a strong three-legged stool built with great respect, talent and vision we call AAG. (American Asset Group)

Our satisfied clients have been growing since 2013. Servicing specific clientele and business leaders up and down the Eastern United States. We have catered to a myriad of business types and uses. We are passionate about finding the right products to make your dreams a reality.

Leadership Team

American Asset Group, is an in-direct lender and also has long-standing syndication capabilities with banks, institutional groups, family offices, hedge funds, private equity, and privately held financial groups.

Joseph Cutalo – Mortgage Lender

Joseph Cutalo

Founder & CEO

Established for more than 30 years Joseph has been creative and open to his clients in the Commercial Lending Markets. Joe’s mortgage background is diversified from holding executive management positions in both private and publicly traded companies throughout his career. He was also a partner in a mortgage banking firm and acted as its President and CEO for seven years employing over 200 people.

His history in the industry has given him the privilege of working with thousands of individuals, helping them achieve both their personal and business goals. This experience has given him an expert knowledge base of a myriad of loan programs and loan-specific criteria. As a seasoned veteran totaling more than $600MM in successful commercial lending transactions.

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